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Comprehensive Plan Retreat

The Southeastern Michigan HIV/AIDS Council (SEMHAC) invites you to attend their upcoming Comprehensive Plan Retreat. This meeting is an important and exciting opportunity to participate in efforts to improve Ryan White Part A funded services for People Living with HIV in the Metro-Detroit area.

The meeting will focus on updating the annual activities for SEMHAC's current five-year Comprehensive Plan.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and help the community. Participant feedback from last year's planning meeting was very positive:

"I liked the drilling down in the plan and feeling like we accomplished something with no time wasted."

I liked that it provided clarification about our Comprehensive Planning process and that each section was clearly articulated in terms that everyone could understand given the diversity of members' levels of understanding and comprehension.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Ms. Paralee Poole, SEMHAC Administrative Assistant, at 313-638-2887 or by emailing poolepdetsemhac@gmail.com.

Please click HERE to view the Comprehensive Plan orientation video. For those attending, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you watch this video prior to attending the retreat.

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AIDS Walk Detroit
10:30 AM10:30

AIDS Walk Detroit

When many people hear the terms HIV or AIDS they become frightened, grossed out, judgmental, etc. That is what forms stigma. It's important that we all increase our knowledge of HIV/AIDS because many of us are impacted by the disease in one way or another (i.e. family, friends, etc.). 

Southeastern Michigan HIV AIDS Council (SEMHAC) partnered with the STAR Foundation for this year's AIDS Walk and we NEED YOUR HELP!! We are in need of donations. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $2,500, which will allow SEMHAC to continue to host community events. SEMHAC's community events provide information on SEMHAC (who we are and the work we do), HIV breakthroughs (meds, treatments, etc.), as well as inform you of what HIV looks like in OUR community.  SEMHAC's community events also allow a place for the community to speak and BE HEARD! If you are able to donate please click the link below

Our focus should be on finding a cure and no longer being scared.

Thank you so very much!!!

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