Project L.E.A.P.
(Learning - Empowerment - Advocacy - Participation)

Sharpen your knowledge with a unique opportunity offered in Detroit.  Beginning this year, SEMHAC sponsors Project L.E.A.P. (Learning, Empowerment, Advocacy, Participation), the most comprehensive advocacy training program in the nation for people living with HIV.  Training hosted by SEMHAC.

You will learn:

·        Who needs HIV-related services

·        The specific needs of the HIV community in Detroit

·        How HIV organizations receive funding

·        Who makes the decisions regarding funding

·        Where HIV funding originates

·        How government decisions affect you and your community

·        How YOU can have an impact on these decisions.

What is Project LEAP?

A free 6-week training course for individuals living with and affected by HIV to gain the knowledge and skills needed to help plan for the HIV prevention and care services provided in the Detroit Area. Click here for an informational flyer. 

When Does it Meet?

Thursdays, from October 18th to November 15th, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 pm.

Lunch will be provided.  Assistance with transportation is also available.

How To Apply?

A brief application and in-person interview are required.  There are several ways to receive an application

 Complete the application online·                

Call 313-638-2891, or email to have an application mailed to you,

·                Download the application, and email, fax (313-638-2182) or mail it to us (SEMHAC, W. Grand Blvd., #206, Detroit, MI 48202), or

·               Applications must be received/post marked by August 31, 2018.  

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If you have any questions about Project L.E.A.P., the application process, or to get on the list to receive an application for next year’s class, please email Undrea Goodwin, Public Health Project Lead, or call the Office of Support at 313-638-2891

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!